A better work week

Here’s a proposal to make the work week more productive and less stressful. shouldn’t that be the goal, anyhow?

  • Monday: work from home, start at 8:30–4:30 PM

  • Tuesday: office 8:30–4:30

  • Wednesday: work from home, 8:00–5:00 PM

  • Thursday: office, 8:30–4:30 PM

  • Friday: office from 8:00–3:00 PM

Everyone experiences to some degree or another the Sunday blues. A major contributor to this is the thought of having to wake up early the next morning, prepare lunch and trek to the office. It’s especially tough during the winter for those of us who live in a tundra climate, not knowing whether the car will start. Being able to capture another hour or two of sleep on Monday mornings would do wonders for health and psyche.

Dividing the week in half by working from home on Wednesday would also serve a positive psychological function. Finally, an early finish on Fridays would be motivation to get to the office early and be maximally productive before the weekend. Finishing early on Friday and working remote Monday would give employees more freedom to take short weekend trips (maybe you work from an AirBnB on Monday); this could be a boon for local and state economies as the hospitality, restaurant and tourism industries would be huge beneficiaries.

In sum, the above work week would lead to the following:

Hours=40+, Productivity=more, Economic stimulus = ✅ , Stress=less.